Ace's Magic

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What could your organization do with extra money?

Ace's Magic has developed a program that will help your organization raise funds, while having a blast at the same time!  We bring a show, unlike anything you have seen, to your community to assist your organization meet its financial goals.  We pick up the cost of ticket printing & advertising and help your students and volunteers get started with ticket sales.  We do not ask for any money from your's about raising funds, not taking them!  We offer a FREE consultation to help understand the details of the program.  One of our Representatives can even present the program to a Board, PTO, Booster Club, or whomever else needs to see the information!  So ask yourself..."What could my organization do with extra money?"  Contact Ace's Magic today and we'll help you answer that question!!


We understand the need for funding at schools for necessities, or even the extra-curricular activities.  Maybe your Theatre Department needs new costumes.  Or the Band Department is raising funds for new instruments.  We can assist in raising funds for any needs that your school may have.  At Ace's Magic, we understand the critical need for helping students achieve their top potential when it comes to their education.  Contact us today so we can explain how Ace's Magic can help in making sure that potential is reached in each student!

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations assist in a wide variety of ways.  Whether it's personal assistance to a family, or by providing funding for research and development, it is a crucial aspect that is needed in a community.  Ace's Magic can not only help raise funds, but awareness for your organization.  We have a very "hands-on" approach to putting together a successful fund raiser in order to maximize your organization's exposure and raise the most funds possible.  If your organization is one that plays a role in helping your community, then ask us how we can help!!  Contact us today and let us show your how we can make your fund raiser something your supporters will always remember!!