Ace's Magic

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About Ace's Magic

Who is Aaron Lee?

Aaron Lee, "Ace", has prided himself on providing good, clean, quality entertainment for over 20 years.  As a Master of Magic, his sleight of hand is astounding.  However, his ability as a Mentalist is unlike anything you have seen.  Aaron Lee spent several years in theater and has performed in a number of areas across the United States.  He's great with kids and entertaining for adults.  His Comedy and Mentalism/Magic will leave you in stitches and amazement.  Magic is his passion and he takes great joy in being able to share that passion with others!!


Ace's Magic is available for all types of events!!

  • Corporate Events & Meetings
  • Public Events
  • Private Parties

Contact Ace's Magic today to make your event more memorable!!

Why Ace's Magic?

It's great magic, mentalism, and comedy that is enjoyable for people of all ages!  Ace's Magic adapts to your guests and will leave them talking about your event for a long time!!


Aaron Lee provides good, clean, quality, family entertainment.  With over 20 years perfecting the art of magic, you can't go wrong!!